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Cooper Power Systems by Eaton

Liquid Filled Distribution Transformers

  - Polemount, Padmount, and Substation Types

Voltage Regulators, Bypass Switches,  and Reclosers

  - Capacitors

  - Harmonic and Power Factor Correction

Padmounted Switchgear

  - Vacuum Fault Interrupters

  - Vacuum Switches

  - Fused Switches

  - Power Source Transfer Switches

Padmounted Sectionalizing Enclosures

  - 200, 600, and 900 Amp



Molded Rubber Products

  - Dead Front

  - 200, 600, and 900 Amp

  - 95kV, 150kV, and 200kV BIL

Surge Arresters

  - Distribution, Intermediate, and Station Class

Overcurrent Protection & Fusing Equipment

  - Bayonet Fusing through 38 kV

  - Partial Range Current Limiting Fusing

  - Vacuum Fault Interrupter

  - Magnex

Fault Indicators



Delta-Unibus, Inc.

Delta-Unibus, Inc.




Non-Segregated & Segregated Bus Duct

Isolated Phase Bus

Cable Bus

Turnkey Installation & Service

Gilbert Electrical Systems & Products

Medium Voltage Metal Enclosed Capacitors

Vacuum Interrupter Assemblies

Iron Core and Air Core Reactors


Low Voltage Power Factor Correction Capacitors

Harmonic Filters

Myron Zucker
Olsun Electrics

Olsun Electrics








Dry Type Transformers

   - Ventilated

   - Encapsulated

   - K-Rated Drive-Isolation Type

Load Interrupter Disconnect Switches


Powell Electrical Manufacturing Co.

Powell Electrical Manufacturing Co.


Metalclad Switchgear

Metalclad Breakers

Arc Resistant Switchgear

LV Switchgear - PowerVac (formerly GE)
and PowellVac


Power Control Rooms

Motor Control

Onsite Service & Maintenance

Power Design Inc.

Power Design, Inc.





Fiberglass Enclosures

Sectionalizing Cabinets

Fiberglass Buildings

WEG Electric Corporation


WEG Electrical Corporation

Power Transformers

   - 10 MVA to 400 MVA, with or without LTCs

   - Generator Step-up Transformers

   - ARC Furnace Transformers


Cast Coil Transformers

   - through 5000 kVA and 34.5 kV Primary

   - UL Label

   - IEEE/ ANSI Standards

Eaton's Electrical Engineering Services & Systems

Eaton's Electrical Engineering Services & Systems




Start Up & Commissioning



Equipment Testing


System Studies

MITS (Modular Integrated Transportable Substation)

SBS - Storage Battery Systems, LLC



Flooded, VRLA and Ni-Cad Batteries


Electric Forklift Batteries


Battery Chargers


Battery Racks


Spill Containment Systems


Battery Test Equipment


HMA: Expert Solutions, Superior Support

Haddon-McClellan Associates, Inc.

Call Us: 770.399.6050